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We believe that finance as a function is fundamental to organizational health and growth that cannot operate in vacuum. Given its generalist nature and versatility, financial frameworks can be used to implement and drive effective decision making across all levels of an organization.


As a boutique financial advisory firm, we are committed to making an impact for our partners. We drive impact by building, implementing and maintaining financial frameworks - which are powered by leadership, expertise, and experience across all touch points. Once set, these frameworks create a basis for:


Predictability of Financial Performance


Accuracy of Financial Reporting


Objectivity in Strategic Decision Making

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Create and maintain company assets



Build internal capability for objective decision making

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Build frameworks that protect against exogenous shocks

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Drive people and process to deliver favorable outcomes

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What our clients are saying

Sriram came on board as Quest’s financial consultant as we prepared to pitch for a major multi-year grant. He took up the task with great agility and was able to understand the complexity of the Quest program ecosystem very well. Our positive experience with him led us to put his firm on a retainer basis to provide oversight and train our team as we developed an organisation-wide standard financial planning and analysis system. Sriram and his team have helped us establish strong processes on budgeting, financial planning, forecasting, and analysis which we feel will help us in the medium to long term.

- Abhijeet Mehta, Quest Alliance

Our deal advisory services will help you navigate through the complexities of striking the

We have been able to capitalise on the broad spectrum of expertise the Spice Route team deploys to fill several gaps in our processes allowing us to focus strategically on our business partners as opposed to “blocking and tackling” finance operations. As a multinational enterprise, we must take advantage of this digital transformation era, Spice Route helps us do just that.

- Steve Moseley, Pole to Win

Our deal advisory services will help you navigate through the complexities of striking the

Sriram came on board as Quicksand’s virtual CFO when our practice of 12 years was making a transition towards a more ambitious vision for the impact we wanted to create. Quicksand is also a unique hybrid between a business consultancy, a design practice, and an art studio. It has been remarkable how effortlessly Sriram has been able to navigate all these challenges - a testimony to the clarity and objectivity that he brings to finance as a discipline. It also speaks volumes about the importance he gives to relationships and people which to my mind is the real test of any new system or process.

- Ayush Chauhan, Quicksand Design Studio Pvt Ltd

Our deal advisory services will help you navigate through the complexities of striking the


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