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Center of Excellence

Many entrepreneurs view managing financial operations difficult, given the problems that arise due to scattered sources of information, time it takes to collect, reconcile and verify the information and an unclear view of the regulatory environment. This often leads to frustration as entrepreneurs and top management do not receive data on a timely basis, which results in less than optimal decision-making. 


We believe that the management of financial operations should be as smooth as possible for any organization, be it an early stage startup or a large multinational corporation with billions of dollars in revenues. In order to simplify the financial operations experience, we have conceptualized and implemented a Centre of Excellence.

Our dedication to optimizing client experience and delivering excellence day in and day out is signified by the establishment of a Center of Excellence (CoE). The CoE serves as the backbone of financial operations, with a primary focus on standardizing operations through the implementation of SOPs, ensuring a consistent and reliable approach to financial processes. The CoE also plays a pivotal role in spearheading operational automation activities that reduce errors and inefficiencies, while optimizing resource utilization allowing the finance team to allocate time and expertise to matters of strategic importance. 


Additionally, the comprehensive training provided by the CoE equips team members with the skills needed to navigate the dynamic finance landscape successfully. We believe that by institutionalizing processes that drive value addition and strategic impact at scale, the CoE positions Spice Route Finance at the forefront of industry best practices and innovation. 


The CoE is led by CFO partner Narendra Vaidya, who has over 30 years of financial leadership experience across East Africa, South Asia and South East Asia, having served as the CEO of Bharti Airtel Lanka Pvt Ltd. His leadership will be instrumental in driving value in terms of superior client experience through this initiative.

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