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Agritech is only for developed nations

Agritech in developed nations is ahead of everything in terms of utilizing the advanced technology in agriculture to make things easier and better. With its adoption of technology, the developed nations have contributed a lot to the existing market and met the technological demands of agriculture, positioning them in the forefront of the entire industry. In contrast, developing nations are still lagging behind technological advancements. However, there are numerous companies that are emerging with their innovative solutions to solve the existing problems in the market, proving that developing nations are also leading in many aspects in the Agritech sector.

For instance, India is a country which is still in the phase of development. Despite having the potential to reach heights in the Agritech sector, there are gaps in the market which is procrastinating the overall development. However, research tells us that India has ranked second in terms of number of Agritech startups being found globally. This makes it remarkable that the companies with its unique approach towards bridging the gap in the existing market will help in surpassing the standards set by the developed nations.

Another interesting example that disproves the myth is Indonesia’s market. Despite its poor infrastructure, poverty and other macroeconomic challenges, it has still ranked third and fifth in rice and maize production, making a big difference in the market. Furthermore, China leads in rice production globally. These are a few instances that break the myth that Agritech is only for the developed nations. To conclude, numerous companies have stood as a perfect example that agritech is not confined to developed nations, but is also making a significant contribution in the developing and the underdeveloped nations. Global investors are always a go-to destination for companies if they have an unique approach towards trying to solve the complexities in the industries. Backed by investors, the country can garner attention and develop in all ways possible through the adoption of sound business models and recognizing the scope of the market. 


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