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If you are not providing wearables, you wouldn't last in the industry

As technology continues to evolve, it is observed that there are various innovative ideas and business plans that are coming up to make things easier in the healthcare industry. Some of the most promising sub-segments of this whole HealthTech industry are health care booking platforms, Online health information, Telemedicine, Internet first healthcare financing platforms which have attracted significant Investments.

Diverse HealthTech Horizons:

Wearable technology in healthcare includes various products like wearable fitness trackers, smart-health watches, wearable ECG monitors, wearable blood pressure monitors, biosensors. It is obvious that the industry can see an impeccable growth in the upcoming years. However, the non-wearable technology market is equally promising in terms of growth and investments. Investors too are excited about the booming health-tech industry.

Thriving sectors beyond wearable technology:

Segments like internet first healthcare finance and online health platforms have raised $55.7 million and $75 million, respectively. There are companies that are continuously evolving by catering services to the non-wearable health-tech industry. As the technology and advancements continue to evolve, there are numerous health-tech startups focused on catering to requirements.

While the wearable technology market is undeniably influencing the entire HealthTech industry, it has to be understood that wearable technology only occupies a portion of this entire market. Investors are continuously seeking to invest in new segments of the market which not only benefits them, but also contributes to the growth of the market as a whole.

To conclude, the integration of technology in healthcare gave rise to the application of Al, IoT, Machine learning in wearable technology as well as non-wearable technology. The health-tech industry doesn't solely revolve around the trend of wearables. As technology continues to advance, HealthTech startups are exploring diverse avenues to meet the ever-evolving demands of healthcare.


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