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CFO Services

A CFO is a key pillar of organizational success as they are the custodians of the company’s financial performance and are absolutely crucial in ironing out deficiencies in order to drive organizational performance, while laying out the foundation for future strategy. Aside from driving growth and efficiency, they are also crucial for keeping key financial stakeholders like debt holders and shareholders informed of the company’s financial performance and meet the legal and regulatory requirements pertaining to financial reporting and taxation. Our CFO services bring financial leadership to startups in the early stage as well as growth stage companies.

Financial Leadership

One of the prerequisites for an entrepreneur, along with innovation is leadership. Most entrepreneurs bring with them expertise in the product/service or a well crafted business model, but might not always be experts in the financial domain of their business plans. In order to unlock sustainable and continuous growth, financial leadership becomes pertinent to the success of the venture. Key benefits of financial leadership are:

Performance Management:

Helps identify and exploit the key levers that drive revenue and efficiency.


Resource Management:

Helps identify the appropriate resource mix to be allocated to ensure sustainable growth


Risk Management:

Identifies weaknesses and threats and ensures that they are mitigated. 


For Early Stage Companies

The CFO Office

Early stage companies require hands-on support on managing transactions, ensuring data integrity and staying on top of their unit economics. With our CFO office service, we bring two key functions to the table, accounting and FP&A.

Office Desk


Accounting is integral to ensure a culture of data integrity and accurate reporting. Our accounting services ensure that all transactions that occur are appropriately recorded and reconciled for the preparation of monthly financial statements, which give you insight into your company’s financial position.


Our FP&A practice enables you to access deeper insights into your company’s performance. We use tools like budgeting & forecasting and variance analysis to understand the company’s performance against the vision of the management, carve out key performance indicators and metrics that highlight drivers of performance and sources of inefficiencies, as well as highlight performance per strategic  business unit or product, keeping the unit economics under control.

Why Do You Need FP&A?

making better decisions

Better Decision-Making:

Effective financial planning and analysis can help companies make informed decisions. FP&A can provide managers with accurate and timely financial information, allowing them to make data-driven decisions that are aligned with the company's goals.​

resource allocation

Resource Allocation:


FP&A can help companies allocate their resources more efficiently. By analyzing financial data, companies can identify areas where resources are being wasted or underutilized. This can help them optimize their operations and improve profitability.

managing the board

Managing Board Communications:


A board of directors has a fiduciary responsibility towards delivering maximum value to the investor and other stakeholders. However, in order to deliver value, they need to be well informed on the key risks, opportunities, and the current performance of the company. FP&A enables this by providing insights into key operational and financial matters, as well as by communicating the relevant risks and opportunities so that the board can set the strategic direction for the company and navigate through complex business environments.

managing risk

Risk Management:


Foresight is the main driver of all FP&A functions, and thus can help companies manage risk more effectively. Tools making up the FP&A framework like forecasts and budgets are drivers of risk management as they are made accounting for key political, economic, legal and other major risks.

For Growth Stage Companies

Companies in the growth stage are vastly different from those in the early stages. Having established a product-market fit and repeated sales means that the company has carved out a space for itself in a dynamic and unpredictable environment. They require a lot more support in the form of financial leadership and our fractional CFO and consulting CFO services bring the appropriate knowledge and expertise to support these companies.

Fractional CFO Service

A fractional CFO brings strategic leadership to your finance function and is a key part of your core management team until you require a full time CFO. In this role the CFO will be responsible for:

  • Managing the finance function’s deliverables 

  • Driving performance of the company by closely working with the CEO 

  • Instilling corporate governance by working with CEO the investors and the board of directors

  • Setting up frameworks on controls and compliance

Financial Report
Making Notes

Consulting CFO Service

This service entails CFO support on extremely important short term projects, where financial leadership is necessary to ensure the timely and appropriate service delivery. These projects include:

  • Filling in attrition of your CFO or a Financial Controller 

  • Getting ready for a Series B and beyond fund raise. 

  • Setting up of inhouse FP&A Team 

  • Setting up cash flow forecast framework and treasury desk

  • Working on a strategic long term financial planning 

  • Helping in closing the long pending audits 

  • Setting up of Performance Metrics and dashboards relating to it 

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