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Strategic Consulting Services

Scaling a business is no easy task and requires patience, diligence and support. Through our versatile strategy consulting services, we pave the way for further growth and value creation for your business. Our expertise lies in aligning the founder's actions with the economic reality, while crafting processes and practices to meet the vision that the founder and top management have conceived. 

Investor Readiness

No matter what stage your company is in, facing an investor is always a nerve wracking process. We help you come up with an appropriate strategy that outlines your vision and goals for the company. We do this using 3 tools:

Strategic Workshops:

These workshops are used to get a deeper understanding of the business, the operating history, the organization structure, the team’s capabilities and the future outlook of the company.


Financial Modeling:

We build a financial model that captures the company’s future outlook aligned with the top management’s goals. We also take into account.


Pitch Deck:

We create a pitch deck that highlights the company’s history, traction, market size, projected financial performance,  team capabilities and company’s vision for the future.


M&A Consulting

Mergers and acquisitions are complex, high-stakes transactions that involve multiple stakeholders. As M&A consultants, we aim towards reducing the complexity of the process while ensuring support across all phases of the transaction, from sourcing to finalization.

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Path to Profitability

Improved profitability is a function of increased revenue and cost optimization. Our path-to-profitability exercise involves a detailed investigation and analysis of the company’s past performance at a granular level. We critically evaluate all streams of revenue, the company’s cost structure and help carve out a path to profitability or improved profitability for the company. 


A benchmarking exercise is crucial for an entrepreneur to get a detailed understanding of their core competitors. Through this exercise, we get an in-depth insight into your competitor’s product, income streams, revenue growth, and cost structure. This allows us to pin-point any inefficiencies or levers that can be used to drive growth and optimize costs for your company.

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