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Investor Services

Financial management is a crucial aspect of managing performance for investors. Our investor portfolio management services help you stay on top of your portfolio company performance and optimize your investment decisions.

Portfolio Management for Family Offices

As an investor, it is crucial for you to monitor and evaluate the performance of your investments. Our portfolio management services enable you to keep track of your portfolio companies’ performance.

Portfolio Management for Accelerators:

Accelerators play an active role in ensuring the success of their portfolio companies. By staying on top of all performance insights, your accelerator can work closely with the company to iron out any operational issues, allocate resources & optimize financial performance.

Business Valuation

Our business valuation services enable investors to determine the value of their current and prospective investments, and also helps them determine whether the investments are worthwhile based on a multitude of factors such as the macroeconomic environment, risk tolerance, and the competitive landscape in the relative industry.

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Deal Support

The finalization of the investment decision does not mean the end of the deal. Our deal support services enable you to close all aspects of the deal such as the regulatory aspects, legal aspects, as well as specific aspects like deal structure and so on. 

Business Research

Investors are always scoping new opportunities to deploy capital. Our business research service provides you a structured view of the industry you are looking to invest in, lay out the competitive landscape and the critical success factors that could make your investment successful.

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Business Due Diligence

Investors come across thousands of opportunities that may seem lucrative, given the product, business model or even the team that is behind the company. But these attributes, when evaluated in a vacuum, could possibly lead to poor decisions. Our business due diligence exercise allows us to evaluate the opportunities at your disposal with the broader market and industry related factors in play, while diving deeper into the company’s competitive landscape, product and team capabilities, so that your investment decision is more intelligent.

Financial Due Diligence

Before finalizing the investment decision, a financial due diligence exercise is a must. A financial due diligence exercise will enable you as an investor to thoroughly understand the company’s financial and operating history, the risk factors that the company bears, the company’s compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements and the areas that require improvement. This exercise can make or break the finality of the investment decision and ensures that the investment decision is made objectively.

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