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Political and Regulatory Risks: What questions should you ask when building a framework to tackle these risks?

The presence of risk in any business is both thrilling and challenging. Among the challenges posed by this element, navigating political and regulatory risks takes center stage in the energy tech sector. The complexity and dynamic nature of these risks demand careful consideration and strategic planning to address effectively. As a Start-up, it is important to establish a framework to tackle the uncertainties. However, it is vital to understand, assess, mitigate and address those uncertainties before building the frameworks.

For startups, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of industry regulations and the target market. Non-compliance can result in significant setbacks, including reputational damage, legal charges, and actions, potentially leading to business closure. Political risks, on the other hand, emerge from the instability in the political landscapes in which your startup operates. These instabilities can disrupt business earnings and may also influence regulatory decisions.

Delving deeply into local and industry compliance standards, policies, and regulations and proactively assessing regulatory changes can be instrumental in adapting frameworks. Establishing strong relationships with industry stakeholders and advocacy groups is crucial for staying informed about changes and providing a platform for your concerns to be heard. Developing a government relations strategy can aid the business in creating a robust political risk framework.

In conclusion, establishing a robust framework for a startup involves asking the right questions and gaining a comprehensive understanding of both political and regulatory risks. This proactive approach not only safeguards the business from potential setbacks but also positions it for informed decision-making and sustainable growth


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