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What should you know about the deal you are about to sign?

Energy tech, being a rapidly emerging and dynamic industry, involves complex regulations, compliance and standards that undergo constant changes and evolutions both internally and externally. So, it is important for a company, not just in this industry, to know about the deal that they are about to sign as much as they are concerned and committed to securing, utilizing and achieving their objectives with those investments because a well-informed understanding of the terms, implications, and intricacies of the agreement is prerequisite for shaping the future of a company.  


Conceptual clarity of the deal which you are going to sign is a must. Companies should request for term sheets from the investors for the deal in order to understand and agree upon the type of instruments, validity of the term sheet, tag along rights, drag along clauses and other conditions of the investment. Engaging legal expertise to get a comprehensive understanding of the deal contract is essential because the Energy tech industry is all about technology and innovation and it is vital for a company to know its technological landscapes and the web of regulations that govern these innovations by ensuring proper compliance to avoid any legal entanglements while signing the deal.  


Due Diligence is not a formality. Conducting technical, financial, legal and operational due diligence by the company allows them to identify, assess and mitigate the risks, liabilities and business problems before finalizing the transaction with the investors. Due diligence for energy tech companies includes estimation of production of renewable assets, the technology involved,  the status of permits, licenses, and authorizations. Conducting this process beforehand increases the chances of a successful deal by uncovering major problems that need to be addressed. 


Every aspect of the deal, from responsibilities and payment terms to milestones and termination clauses, requires meticulous attention. In conclusion, it is necessary to have knowledge about these factors in order to safeguard the interests of all parties involved, foster transparency, and establish a successful deal. 


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