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Establishing power through assertiveness

When one is assertive, they are self-assured and are able to get their point across firmly, fairly and with empathy. People who master assertiveness come across as confident, powerful, and competent individuals. Furthermore, because assertive people do not dominate others, they are more likely to form good long-term partnerships. This form of power comes from the combination of information and confidence. 

Knowing and understanding the information can help the entrepreneur be more aware of the implications of their decisions. This information could be based on the product/service, financials of the company or operations. As an entrepreneur, a founder, one cannot neglect the technical know-hows just because they aren’t directly involved. It not only helps with assessing the progress but also plays a key role in the decision making process.

It is rightly said that information is power. As an entrepreneur, being able to read your cash flows and understanding the profitability and scalability of the company can help you build better strategies. Knowing and grasping the ins and outs of the product/service showcases clarity of vision on the entrepreneur’s part. Having operational awareness shows an entrepreneur’s proactiveness towards the growth of the company. All of this information translates into confidence and ability to represent the company efficiently in front of the investors and clients. 

Once power is established through in-depth knowledge of information, it gets easier to achieve what you set your mind to. The confidence that comes with it makes it easier to onboard others into believing in your vision and success.

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